About us

Multiarch is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Rome made up of young architects united by the desire to carry out research in all different areas of architecture.

Multiarch was established as architectural firm, to join the professional experiences in different fields of architecture from every professional, from urban design and architecture, decor Interior, Works Management and Security, to project management.

The firm is characterized by the great attention paid to the quality of architecture and structural engineering. The customer who turns to Multiarch is demanding in terms of value added, the product requires a contemporary architectural and sustainable, high-level aesthetic and functional, with construction costs affordable.

The ability to control both the compositional aspect-creative is the technical-economic allowed the study of realize numerous interventions.

Erminio Tiquino
Architect/Project Manager
Roberto Stazi
Bachelor of architecture
Marco Staffolani
Fabrizio Taliento
Concetta Andreacchi
Silvia Vicari