Architectural and urban design

Highly qualified technicians are able to offer an architectural and urban design, integrated with all engineering services required for planning, design and direction of the works in the preliminary and final. The phases of analysis and design, with the preparation of the project and of economic evaluations intervention, to the stages of implementation, with the management, control and management of the construction site, until final acceptance and delivery of the finished work.

Services offered

Architectural Assistance
  • Feasibility Study
  • Final Design
  • Executive Planning
  • Construction Details
  • Internal and external
Technical Services
  • Building permit
  • DIA (Dichiaration Home Activity)
  • Building Sanctions
  • Conformity to Standards
  • Illuminated Advertising Signs
  • Sewer connections
  • Tabelle millesimali
  • Issue of the building
  • Building regulations
  • Surveys
  • Estate estimates
  • Certificates of competence static
  • Certificate of Town Planning
  • Driveways
Cadastral Services
  • Accatastamenti
  • Cadastral variations, transfers of registration
  • Applications
  • Title search
Fireproof design
  • Designing Fire Protection for obtaining Compliance opinion Firefighting
  • Drafting Practices and forms for obtaining the Certificate of Fire Prevention
  • Certification in accordance with Law 818/84
  • Fire Risk Assessment in accordance with DM of March 10, 1998
  • Emergency Plan and Evacuation
  • Consulting in Designing Fire Protection for new construction or upgrading of existing buildings